The health app flexible enough for every body

Self brings techniques from medical statistics to smartphones, making it easy for all of us to learn about our bodies.

Everything you need to learn about bodies

We think everyone should have the tools to learn about their body.

Cutting-edge statistics

Self brings the latest techniques in medical statistics to everyone.

Experiment on Everything

Self doesn't make any assumptions about what your body is like or what you want it to be.

Zero-knowledge architecture

Don't worry about us selling your data: we can't even see it.

Experience sampling

Get prompts through the day to make the most representative picture of your body.

No lock-in

You can export your data from Self at any point. Great if you want to run an external analysis.

Plugin system

Extend Self through plugins and share them with your community

Proud to work with our partners

EU Media Futures Humanity in Action Alfred Landecker Foundation Affect Lab

Learn about your body

Create experiments to understand your body, its changes and what it could be